HOKUTEN NO OKA Lake Abashiri Tsuruga Resort

Considered the gateway to the World Heritage Site of Shiretoko, Abashiri is located on the northeastern coast of Hokkaido facing the Sea of Okhotsk. The city has grown into one of Okhotsk’s more sizeable urban areas, having developed its own unique rustic charm and culture from the bounty of the surrounding lands and sea. HOKUTEN NO OKA Lake Abashiri Tsuruga Resort sits nestled atop the Yobito Peninsula on Lake Abashiri located just minutes from the city center. The hotel is surrounded in beautiful nature, including forests filled with wildfowl as well as various lakes and wetlands that are home to picturesque scenes of skunk cabbage, and located nearby the Kaihin Wildflower Garden, providing guests with ample opportunities to get out and discover the natural environment of the Okhotsk area. The hotel is also situated near the Moyoro Shell Mounds, a historical ruin where the Okhotsk culture was first discovered, historical museums that cover the narratives of the northern peoples, a museum where you can touch sea ice even in the summer, and the famous local attraction the Abashiri Prison Museum. In this regard, the hotel can also be used as a base for discovering the unique culture and history of the Okhotsk area.

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